Mobile Classroom

- Put powerful tools in the hands of students and teachers, and allow access to digital contents to support and enhance teaching and learning.
- Access in the classroom to a vast array of electronic information, to create customized material for classes
- Use of digital resources and digital tools for a variety of purposes including research. 
- Digital version of text books replaces the paper version for in-class use.
- Portable, Autonomous, Power Efficient, Affordable 

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We are currently seeking partnerships with various aid and development related organizations. We want them to implement our mobile classroom system in some of their programs. We believe we offer a unique value proposition. We provide an affordable and reliable technology produced in one of the world's most fragile state. We can establish the very first succesful template of south-south high technology flow with high social impact. We have changed the lives of hundreds of earthquake survivors in Haiti who work in our factory, now we are trying to change the world of education... one tablet at a time! 

How does your innovation work?

It is quiet simple: 
Our package includes (1) Tablets, (2) A small portable charging cart, (3) A rechargeable projector, (4) A 20 000 mAh power pack and a (5) A micro server. 

- Create a wireless local cloud in the classroom, giving local students full broadband speed access to education web sites, digital encyclopedias and local curriculum material, including e-books and multimedia content.
- Up to 60 users can access simultaneously all the contents dedicated for their class 
- Besides the proposed bundles, we can offer full customized solutions that would suit specific needs.  

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

We have succesfully implemented our methods in schools in Haiti. 

Do you have current users or testers?

Ministry of Education, Haiti. 

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Get more exposure and opportunities to pitch our concept and social corporate values. We believe this technology is critically needed in various places accross Africa. We need to establish a three way partnership between (1) Us, (2) Organizations doing work on the ground, (3) Funding. 

Next Steps

- Networking to find matches with appropriate organizations 
- Extensively using the resources provided by the global innovation exhange 
- Participating in pitching events 
- Seek partnerships with governments and education ministries

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Question for the innovator

We just added an innovation for an intern program we are setting up. We use Surtabs and are currently implementing a full mobile classroom in a school system in the Hinche. I would like to link our innovation site to yours but it does not come up when I try to configure it. Perhpas you would link to ours and it would work. Ours is


Update or response from the innovator

Hi Greg,

Thanks for reaching. I tried to "link" both our pages unsuccessfully. However, I managed to add you as a partner.
Good luck with the work in Haiti!