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Call for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services


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The U.S. Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and Grand Challenges Canada are partnering on Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge.

The Humanitarian Grand Challenge (HGC) intends to save and improve lives of people living in conflict zones by funding innovative projects which deliver water and sanitation, health supplies and services, energy and life-saving information.

The Humanitarian Grand Challenge is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals and organizations to include in a pool of prospective suppliers for delivering the following services:

  • Conduct monitoring site visits to HGC-funded innovators in high risk conflict zones
  • Conduct research activities related to humanitarian innovation in target areas;
  • Provide evidence-based assessments and other tasks as requested related to knowledge management and research.

The terms of reference including the objectives, scope of work, expected deliverables and timeframe will be specific to each assignment and communicated to the selected consultant/consultancy/organization basing on Grand Challenges Canada policy and procedures for the procurement of services.

Interested consultants/consultancy groups/organizations must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services with details including:

  • Experience related to project monitoring and research in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Northern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen
  • Availability of appropriate skills among staff, including expertise in monitoring and evaluation and knowledge of humanitarian programming
  • Description of similar assignments
  • Demonstration of cost efficiency and effectiveness in delivering consultancy services, etc.).

Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. Shortlisted consultants/consultancy groups/organizations will be invited to submit proposals in accordance with specific terms of reference set out by Humanitarian Grand Challenge.

Local organizations are encouraged to apply.

Contact details

Grand Challenges Canada
661 University Avenue, Suite 1720
MaRS Centre, West Tower
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1M1
Attention: Chrispin Mwizero, Knowledge management Associate, Humanitarian
Telephone: (416) 583-5821 x 5571
Email is preferred for all communications.

The present call is open from August 26th to September 13th 2019 at 5:00pm

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