60 and 100 Liter Biomass Cookstove

The stoves use advanced “rocket stove” design principles to maximize fire power and fuel efficiency while minimizing harmful emissions including carbon monoxide and particulate matter by 90% or more. Each stove comes with an integral aluminum pot, lid and chimney. InStove offers two stove sizes: 60L and 100L. Stoves can be installed in a permanent location or moved easily to other locations as needed.

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About This Innovation

How does your innovation work?

Our centerpiece technologies are highly efficient, multi-application, institutional rocket stoves. InStoves simultaneously help protect human health, prevent deforestation and pollution, and can boost economies with local production. They can also quickly and efficiently provide safe drinking water and medical sterilization with our drop-in pasteurization and autoclave systems, and provide additional productive uses to generate value in industrial and agricultural contexts. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Evidence and support for our technology comes from many third party sources:

1) Public Health Institute which has tested our stove and found that it eliminates 77% of indoor air pollution from biomass cooking, reduces cooking time by 19%, and reduces fuel use by 87% compared to an open fire. 

Public Health Institute study (from Ethiopia pilot): 

2) The Aprovecho Research Center has also provided third-party testing data on our stoves that indicates that they are the best performing stove in the world against the ISO/IWA for clean cookstoves, confirmed by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves here: 

Third-party ISO/IWA test scores: 

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (for comparison purposes)

3) The World Health Organization has also recognized our Autoclave as a Global Innovation in Health for low-resource settings: 
World Health Organization Endorsement 

4) And our stoves have been recognized by the Danish Think-Tank "Sustainia" as one of the 100 most sustainable innovations in the world for 2015: 


Do you have current users or testers?

Our stove is being used by international NGOs and multilateral agencies in 28 countries. Our major partners/clients have included:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees,
UN World Food Program
IMA World Health


What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Our stove has been proven to reduce the environmental and economic costs of large-scale feeding programs. We would like partner with organizations funded by development funding agencies to achieve impacts aligned with our technology. We are also expanding the use or our technology to additional sectors that include medical equipment/waste sterilization (with our autoclave), safe water production (with our pasteurizer), and numerous productive-uses for our stove beyond cooking that include: 

Shea Processing
Poulty Processing
Gin/Beer/Alcohol production 
Electricity Generation
Milk Pasteurizing
Par-boiling rice
Palm-oil Processing
Batik Cloth Production (Ghana)
High-capacity canning
Hydronic (space) heating



You may be interested in IDDS Cookstoves, which will be an intense, hands-on design experience to co-create and improve technologies to address the health and environment challenges faced by the three billion people who cook food with traditional cookstoves or open fires. For more information, go to http://www.globalinnovationexchange.com/funding/idds-cookstoves-east-afr....