A mobile application to help low-income households to track and accomplish financial goals in Brazil. Its features include a budget organizer, a spending tracker, defining and tracking savings goals, motivations and rewards that encourage saving, bill reminders, and financial tips. This application is a response to the problems of managing personal finances and the difficulty accessing formal financial services among low-income Brazilians.

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The issue:
More than 80% of Brazilians say they do not have clear control over their finances. In Brazil, a history of hyperinflation and currency volatility encouraged Brazilians to spend rather than save in previous decades. In addition, rooted cultural values have made disorganized spending and consumption one of the only ways to show belonging to a higher social status. The effects of low savings rates not only have repercussions at the individual and family level, but also at the macroeconomic level where saving often leads to infrastructure development. 

The solution:
This is a free mobile app that uses behavior change principles and gamification to make saving achievable and fun. PoupaCerto is a mobile app for unbanked and underbanked consumers in Brazil to organize their budget, track spending, define and track savings goals, achieve those goals through motivational and tangible rewards, and more. The PoupaCerto app, which will soon be available on the Google Play store, is free and does not require internet to be used. 

How does your innovation work?

The PoupaCerto is a mobile phone text-message-based tool that helps you to register and track your goals. We save the status of all your goals and you can check them or change them from anywhere; just simply send messages from your phone to the PoupaCerto. All phones from any carrier are compatible with PoupaCerto since you can send text messages!

You communicate with the PoupaCerto always; sending and receiving SMS from your mobile.