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Shoptaki is a global Intelligence-based platform built around helping Entrepreneurs, SMB's and developing nations by lowering the barriers of entry into the global marketplace and providing capital access for businesses to grow and overcome financial constraints. The company is dedicated to creating sustainable impact that drives growth in entrepreneurship, innovation, and financial prosperity.

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  • Participate with research or a study
  • Connect us with funding and resources
  • Become our mentor
  • Become a partner
  • Proposal/grant writing

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About This Innovation

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

We are looking for Assitance to build a team of like-minded individuals & partnerships to make this all happen! We are also seeking for funding to develop a system, help with grant writing, mentorship, as well as getting advise and opinions.
* Partnerships 
* Funding to Develop system
* Help with grant writing
* Mentorship
* To get some advice and opinions. 
* To build team
* Research Collobration on Big Data and A.I
* etc.. 

How does your innovation work?

My Start-up is a intelligence based B2B marketplace platform that does more than just connecting buyers and sellers to transact safely, intelligence based to be able to buy and sell smart to reduce risk/maximize profit and of course connecting financial services so companies can grow and expand.   They are a lot of other benefits but the most important  is the intelligence itself especially on how it can be used to centralize all data and provide complete transparency which organizations can benefits to efficiently know where to invest, how to help and maximize the potential of Businesses and so forth.

A)        Improving Micro – Small – and Medium –sized Enterprise (MSME) development and growth;
B)        Facilitating market linkages between producers and buyers;
C)        Promoting local economic development by establishing networks and encouraging the expansion to international markets.
D) Fast tracking growth in businesses especially in emerging countries and overcoming financial Barriers with the use of A.I

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

The UN stated "As the digital economy expands and more business activities are affected, it becomes more important for governments to consider policies that can help to harness e-commerce for sustainable development"

Next Steps

To get Funding, partnerships, and mentors to help move forward with Development of Platform and to be able to Scale globally. 


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Question for the innovator

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