Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta is a data innovation lab which harnesses the power of new digital data sources and real-time analytics for development and humanitarian action. Established by the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia in 2012, it serves governments and development programmes across Asia and the Pacific.

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Program Status Update

Pulse Lab Jakarta is an open space for experimentation; it has a dynamic team and a high turnover of research projects. Details of the Lab's work can be found in its annual reports and monthly newsletter, as well as on the Global Pulse website and twitter.

Pulse Lab Jakarta is grateful for the generous support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Government of Australia.


UN Global Pulse, of which Pulse Lab Jakarta is a constituent part, addresses the information gap in development practice and in humanitarian action. It is the double recognition of the promise of the data revolution and the need for better, faster, actionable information in an age of growing global volatility that drives our work.


  • We promote public awareness of big data as a global good and a new evidence base for public sector decision making;
  • We forge public-private partnerships for access to data, technologies and expertise;
  • We conduct joint innovation projects with governments, development programmes and UN agencies to address information gaps in development practice and humanitarian action;
  • We build open source tools for enhanced early warning, real-time monitoring, and impact evaluation;
  • We use service design to integrate our tools into existing systems and to inform the design of programmes and projects.