Civilian Protection & Accountability

  • Institution Country: U.S.A.
  • Implementation Country: Syria, Yemen
  • Sector: Life Saving Information
  • Funding Stage: Transition to Scale

Scaling Sentry: An early warning detection system to save lives
by Hala Systems Inc.

Airstrikes have been the largest single cause of civilian death in Syria since 2013. Over 80,000 civilians are estimated to have been killed and more than 375,000 have been injured as a result of airstrikes, since 2013. Airstrikes continue to take the lives of innocent civilians and humanitarian workers. 

Hala Systems develops advanced solutions for civilian protection, preventing violence before, during, and after conflict. Sentry Syria, their indication and warning system, uses artificial intelligence to identify and predict threats. Sentry then sends an early warning notification to civilians 7-10 minutes ahead of an incoming airstrike, to save lives, document evidence of war crimes, and counter disinformation with credible ground truth in real time. This life-saving technology will improve, and in many cases save, the lives of people living in conflict.