Photo: Nazeer Al-Khatib, AFP

Modelling for Complex Humanitarian Engagement

  • Institution Country: U.S.A.
  • Implementation Country: Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, Syria
  • Sector: Life Saving Information
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

HOPE and HELP: Modelling for Complete Humanitarian Engagement
by Humanity Data Systems

ALNAP’s survey in 2010 notes that the most difficult challenge recognized by the humanitarian system is “poorly coordinated response efforts/lack of effective leadership.” This is largely due to information flow impediments, including inaccessibility, unwillingness, inconsistency, inadequate stream of information, low information priority, source identification difficulty, storage media misalignment and unreliability. Information flow impediments limit coordination and paralyze decision-making.

HOPE and HELP provides a state-of-the-art application of complex event processing, machine learning and modelling for the humanitarian context, along with the project and stakeholder management capabilities of enterprise resources planning systems. It simplifies the process of collecting large-scale community feedback, acting as a shared, interoperable solution for stakeholders.