Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania: 3D-printed lower limb prostheses

3D-Printing Prostheses for Refugees

  • Institution Country: Tanzania
  • Implementation Country: Tanzania
  • Sector: Health
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Mobility for All: Making Prosthetics Accessible Through Novel 3D Printing Technology
by Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania

Child fitted with lower limb 3D-printed prostheticsThousands of people with disabilities live in three refugee camps and the surrounding communities in Kigoma, Tanzania. Faced with financial, material and human resource shortages, people in need of prosthetic limbs cannot access specialized prosthetics and orthotics services. Without the appropriate assistive devices or care, people struggle to complete day-to-day tasks, like traveling, collecting food and water, or earning a living.

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation In Tanzania (CCBRT) is using 3D printing technology to make high-quality, lower-body prostheses for people with disabilities in the Kigoma camps and host communities. Very few projects make 3D printed prosthetics in or out of refugee camps, and even fewer are making lower-body devices. CCBRT will also aims to develop the technical capacity of local prosthetics and orthotics professionals with trainings on supporting the 3D printing process and developing their prosthesis-fitting and gait training skills.