Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home Systems for Refugees

  • Institution Country: Canada, U.S.A.
  • Implementation Country: Uganda
  • Sector: Energy
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Solar Off-Grid Power Systems for Refugees in Uganda

by International Lifeline Fund

The development of off-grid power systems for conflict-affected populations, in areas experiencing conflict, are usually done via generators, which can be costly and have many dependencies such as fossil fuels or technicians with specialist knowledge. Although solar powered battery systems offer more independence, they can be less powerful, difficult to expand, or more complicated in design.


Power-Blox addresses these issues and offers an innovative alternative. Power-Blox’s solar battery system allows the modular construction of a mini grid according to the swarm principle, which continues to function if a system fails or is destroyed. This allows for various applications without configuration, without specialist knowledge, and can be extended to a micro-grid for several dozen customers. In hard-to-reach areas affected by conflict, it is essential that simple, flexible, expandable and universal energy solutions are possible, guaranteeing maximum energy independence and flexibility for low-resource populations. The Power-Blox’s plug-and-power principle is simple to use, easily expandable, and operates independent of fuel. This solution enables any electric-powered application, especially for hospitals, schools, agriculture, local business and more. Healthcare providers and individuals alike can cover their own energy needs without special knowledge, as well as electrifying neighbouring households or institutions.