Rainmaker Solar Powered Water Pumps

  • Institution Country: Canada
  • Implementation Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, South Sudan
  • Sector: Energy, Water and Sanitation
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Solar-Powered Water Pumps for Regenerative Agriculture
by The Rainmaker Enterprise

Solar Panel in Tonj, South Sudan.

Conflict is both the cause and result of a lack of access to water in South Sudan, which exacerbate the humanitarian situation of cyclical droughts and the ongoing search for water. South Sudan lacks water infrastructures, and the few available water points are often touch points of conflicts over scarce resources. Most solutions to the water crisis focus on the provision of drinking water. While this is vital, water for farming and livestock is life-saving in a nomadic economy based on cattle and food production.

The Rainmaker Enterprise’s innovation involves Installing solar powered water pumps and sensor-driven drip irrigation systems in villages across South Sudan. With over 3,000 average sunshine hours, ample arable land, thousands of unemployed youth and adults, South Sudan has resources to address its dire humanitarian needs. These climate smart technologies are being installed to support the livelihoods of people at the local level, who have had access to water and livelihoods cut off by conflict.