Solar Powered Refrigeration for Refugees in Kenya

  • Institution Country: Kenya
  • Implementation Country: Kenya
  • Sector: Energy
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Portable Solar Powered Refrigeration

By Solar Freeze Ltd.

In refugee regions of Kenya, post-harvest losses for fruits and vegetables are as high as 60%. Food and other essential items are wasted because the cold-storage chain is essentially non-existent due to the high cost of equipment and unreliable access to electricity. Because fresh produce and vaccines can perish in a matter of days under ambient temperatures, temperature control alone can extend the shelf life of food and life-saving medicines by weeks and months.


Solar Freeze’s solution is to provide refugee and host communities in Kenya with access to portable solar powered refrigeration through a “Pay-as-You-Store” model, enabling access to solar powered refrigeration at affordable pricing ($0.2 – $0.5 USD), allowing refugee owned businesses and host community clinics to own and operate solar assets. Solar Freeze will provide access to affordable, solar-powered cold storage for refugees in North Eastern Kenya, including Kolabeyei and Kakuma refugee camp, through a simple mobile money payment option allowing for monthly payments. They will also train individuals aged 18-35 on the repair and maintenance of the solar powered units.