SunBuckets Portable Energy Storage

  • Institution Country: U.S.A.
  • Implementation Country: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, Yemen
  • Sector: Energy
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Collecting, Storing, and Using Solar Thermal Energy by Those in Regions of Conflict
by SunBuckets Inc.

SunBucketSunBuckets’ innovation addresses the global cooking crisis and related thermal energy needs, like space heating and water sanitation. Those living in conflict regions are often “energy poor” and don’t have access to energy for basic needs, such as cooking food, boiling water to purify for drinking, bathing and washing, or providing heat to endure cold weather. In these desperate situations, almost any combustible material may be used as fuel, even if it is dangerous, creates harmful emissions, or deforestation.

SunBuckets is an energy platform that sources free, renewable energy in a way that is safe and free of emissions. SunBuckets collects, stores, and recovers solar energy in portable containers. People can cook any place and any time with free solar energy, even inside and at night. SunBuckets can be used for space heating, pasteurization of water, and drying food and grain. SunBuckets Inc. are working on an accessory to augment the base innovation for very long storage, such as the months of rainy seasons.