Solar Energy for Stability

  • Institution Country: Australia, South Sudan
  • Implementation Country: South Sudan
  • Sector: Energy
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

Powering South Sudan for Economic Resilience

By SunGate Solar

SunGate Solar is pioneering the deployment of solar minigrids in South Sudan, a solution that will provide reliable 24-hour AC power to off-grid communities. A minigrid is a localized power generation and distribution network, powered by solar PV panels with battery and diesel generator backup, which supplies power to customers along the overhead distribution grid. A minigrid is sized to meet the unique layout and characteristics of the community, supplying high-quality electricity to customers of varying energy needs, such as homes, businesses, water pumps, and hospitals or healthcare centres.

Further, a minigrid can be expanded modularly over time to meet growth in electricity load or additional customers as the community grows. Sun Gate’s minigrid service would also enable access to additional means of electricity usage for appliances and equipment. With support from the Humanitarian Grand Challenge, Sun Gate seeks to prove the viability of minigrids in South Sudan as a cost-effective and agile solution for meeting the energy needs of the country.