Integrated Water Point Monitoring System for Vulnerable Populations

  • Institution Country: Canada
  • Implementation Country: Somalia
  • Sector: Water and Sanitation
  • Funding Stage: Proof of Concept

An Integrated Water Point Monitoring System for Vulnerable Populations in Somalia

By World Vision Canada

Somalia is a fragile state with inter-communal conflict, terrorism, drought and food insecurity. One of the contributing factors to the current state of Somalia has been the El Nino Southern Oscillation, which has led to more than five years of below average rainfall in the country. The decreased rainfall has caused many issues for local pastoralists who must search for water and pasture and also the general population seeking access to sources of water. The impact on people can be managed by implementing early warning systems and providing government agencies with information for preparedness actions, such as water rationing or planning for life saving water provision.


World Vision Canada, with WAGTECH Projects, will implement an early warning system to inform water provision for internally displaced peoples in Somalia. The system harnesses hydrological and meteorological data collected remotely using 3G water loggers and mini weather stations. When a water point is found to be compromised, a local repair team is deployed. This solution will allow pastoralists to be more efficient while searching for water and pasture, having reduced risk of conflict over limited natural resources. Internally displaced peoples and refugees will have more reliable access to functional improved sources of water. Increased access to potable water, combined with hygiene promotion, will reduce harmful practices leading to waterborne illnesses.