Requests For Proposals

Round 3 is now closed.

Today, over 168 million people require humanitarian assistance. Millions of the most vulnerable people in conflict zones are currently unreachable by traditional humanitarian aid delivery. As the length and complexity of armed conflicts increase, it is progressively more difficult to reach affected people in insecure areas with life-saving and life-improving humanitarian assistance.

We fund and accelerate solutions to reach the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people in conflict-generated humanitarian crises. We seek solutions that have the potential to create wider, transformative changes within the humanitarian sector in order to provide: safe water and sanitation; energy; life-saving information; and health supplies and services to help conflict-affected people.

Further details about our application review process can be found here.

Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge seeks life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people impacted by humanitarian crises caused by conflict. These innovations will involve input from affected communities in order to provide, supply, or locally generate safe drinking water and sanitation, energy, life-saving information, or health supplies and services to help conflict-affected people.

Why a Humanitarian Grand Challenge?

Grand challenges bring global attention and resources to specific, well-defined international problems and promote innovative approaches to solving them. Grand challenges are about more than sourcing new promising innovations – they are about scaling the solutions that are proven to work. Achieving this requires a holistic approach where we address critical barriers to market growth and expansion.

Key Focus Areas

Safe Water and Sanitation: We seek bold ideas, technologies and approaches that address challenges in clean water supply and access. Funding is available under Transition to Scale ONLY.

Energy: We seek bold ideas to generate energy. Particular interest in alternative energy solutions that can be set up and maintained in conflict situations, and that power life-saving or life-improving services such as schools, hospitals, and marketplaces, on or off-grid.

Life-Saving Information: We seek bold ideas that use and improve access to information and data at the local level, and provides more effective two-way connections between affected populations and humanitarians.

Health Supplies and Services: We seek bold ideas that strengthen healthcare infrastructure and increase the capacity and skills of healthcare workers in conflict affected settings.